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Celebrating South African Women’s Pride and Force

From left to right: Monica Menyuca, Johanna Mahlangu, Sara Kambaika and Lucia Matshele. Photo credits: Thabang Monnakgotla for Embassy of Colombia in South Africa


Pretoria, August 9, 2023. On South Africa National Women’s Day, The Embassy of Colombia in South Africa would like to recognise and honour Lucia Matshele, Sara Kambaika, Johanna Mahlangu and Monica Menyuca, our South African colleagues that bring their expertise, professionalism, skills and love to contribute to the harmonious functioning of this Diplomatic Mission.  

On a day like today, 67 years ago South African women raised up and mobilized against racial discrimination, exclusion and all the inequalities that still undermine their lives today. Many are no longer among us, within the following generations, many have get educated and successful, occupying important places on business, politics, government, arts and so on. Unfortunately, most women continue a strenuous struggle to achieve dignifying conditions of life.  

To observe and commemorate South Africa National Women’s Day and Month means to undertake accountability. We knowledge their current challenges and struggles as well as their extraordinary advancements. However, to honouring South African women there is still the need to make real difference from the day the demonstrated in front of the Union Building to today.  

The transformations needed are not only South Africa’s responsibility but global responsibility that must start from the single individual ways we relate from one to another, to the global economic and political ways the rest of the world relates to South African people; relations that have had significant positive as well as terrible impacts on South African women with long lasting threatening implications.

The Colombian government has committed to develop an international diplomacy based on an intersectional feminist perspective, striving for racial justice and equality. These are core principles and practice at the Colombian Embassy in South Africa.

On this regard, we want to express to Lucia, Sara, Johanna, Monica and all South African women, our respect and gratitude for their continuous daily struggles against oppression and their outstanding contributions to remind us the importance of persisting on kindness, compassion and recognition to make this world better.

Happy South African Women’s Day.


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